How to be a web developer

my route to become a developer is probably a lot different from everyone else.  i became a developer on accident.  this is my story.

i needed money to pay my bills while in college.  No one would give me a job, so i had to do something or end up homeless or in jail for not paying the bills! so i began by designing logos online.  these were small logos worth 10 to 20 bucks a time.  nothing great, but my clients loved them.

the job board i was on showed the main developers earning bank, and i mean real money.  i had to get into that.  so i started learning development from any where i could.  youtube was a personal favorite.  and after many months of learning i could finally build a static site with html and css.

from there i went to study software engineering in university and eventually i was hired by a marketing agency straight out of uni.  a year and half later i decided to launch my own marketing agency, and now i have some well respected clients that love the work i produce.

so i would say to anyone that is interested in becoming a developer, learn from anywhere and everywhere.  it will be frustrating on times but it will be worth it.  i love my job even though i sort of fell into it accidentally.

one last thing, if you want to be a web developer, just potch around.  make things, break things and keep messing around.  try new languages, try new things.  freelance, contact local business.  build your friends parents small website.  just get experience.

good luck!


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