How to choose a web developer for your business


Choosing a website developer is tough for anyone simply because there are so many businesses out there that promote web design and development services.  Its hard for a small business owner to know who is good, who isn’t and sometimes who is a complete con man/woman.

some web design agencies sell themes and pretend they are delivering a bespoke solution.  well in my opinion thats borderline criminal.  some website design agencies will charge less than $200 bucks and deliver a site that looks like it was made 10 years ago.  And then you get the free website builders.  You can set up a free website by dragging and dropping items on to your screen.  so what should you do?

Free website builders?

In my opinion are complete junk.  they are getting better, there is no doubt about that.  but lets say everyone uses a free website builder.  there are a few hundred designs to pick from, whats the chances your website is going to look much different from your competitors? il tell you, not high at all.

if you got no budget then you could use one, but honestly. if you don’t have a budget for your most important sales tool then you should take a real hard look at your business.

Cheap web development firms

Should you go for a cheap website agency that makes old looking designs that are not responsive? in my opinion of course not.  you would just be wasting your money, and you will even damage your own brand.  who wants to be seen as untrustworthy?

The solution?

Shop around.  By looking around you can see what is available.  Take a look at the web design agencies past work, what their clients say about them.  by doing so you are giving your self a chance at picking the right agency for your website.

The Plug

😉 Of course, i’m going to plug my own agency.  i believe we do brilliant work, and our customers love what we do.  we get results and that makes everyone happy.  our company web design wales offers website design and seo services to local welsh business but also worldwide company.  we also have started to offer web design pontypridd services to businesses in the ponty area of wales.

if you would like to discuss a project with us please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.



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