5 easy ways to improve your web design

If you want to improve conversion rates on your website, provide a better user experience or just want a great looking site then you should read the following post as i will give you 5 amazing tips that will help improve your web design.

1 Design in shades of grey and then add colour, by doing so you will be able to create a more interesting site. Adding different shades of grey adds depth to your designs.  i often use different shades to give my website designs the depth that they need.

2. A good logo is always needed, a website can look so different when you change a shoddy looking logo to a professionally designed logo.  a good quality logo can cost a lot but in my opinion every business needs a good logo as its their identity who wants a logo that looks shoddy and poor?

3. white space is your friend.  get rid of clutter, and maximise spacing, this allows your user to see what is important while ignoring what isn’t.  Clutter just confuses your user and because of this you shouldn’t clutter your web designs.

4. Simplify Navigation:  too many links once again add to your websites clutter, get rid of them and you will allow your user to have a better user experience.

5. make your text easy to read, make it big enough and legible.  There is nothing worse than a website that makes it hard to read the content on.  I often click the back button if a websites text is terrible.


The above 5 tips are a great way to improve your website design.  If your looking for more tips then you could read the following articles:

Web Design

User Experience

Responsive Design


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