Get more customers to your plumbing business


If your in the plumbing business then keep reading as in this article I am going to let you know precisely how your business can get more clients rapidly.

Your plumbing business USP.

Such a variety of organizations offer a free quote, you require something that helps you emerge from the group, offering a free quote doesn’t offer your client anything distinctive. Rather ensure your business offers something that no different does and you will emerge.

Be straightforward

Try not to be reluctant to emerge, talk your psyche and you will make your own persona that individuals will listen to. Individuals will listen to what you need to say whether they concur or can’t help contradicting what you’re stating.

Normal Offline Marketing

Bear in mind conventional promoting, you ought to at present use disconnected from the net as a few clients wont be on the web. Significant signage of your organization van or workplaces will help your business be recollected by potential clients.

Social Media Network Marketing


Online networking is no more for youngsters, the unemployed or individuals needing to play the most recent amusements, social networking has changed the path in which organizations advertise their business. One tweet alone could get your administration before 20,000 individuals.

By being social you can get your business before the right individuals who are looking for what you are offering, at no other time as something so intense been accessible to business.

Online networking additionally permits you to stay in contact with existing clients furthermore answer inquiries of potential clients. On the off chance that you are not utilizing online networking for your administration based business then you ought to be. Online networking is intense, on the off chance that you don’t have sufficient energy to utilize it in light of the fact that keeping in mind that be straightforward a considerable measure of us don’t have much time to do anything then I would suggest enlisting an advertising organization that can offer assistance.

Website Design and SEO

In the event that you don’t have a site, or you have a free site or one that doesn’t work then what isn’t right with you? A site ought to be one of your most critical devices to get more business.

On the off chance that your searching for web design for plumbers or whatever other administration based business then ensure you pick a web advancement organization that has a site that seems as though it was made this century.

By having a decent plumbing business website design you will develop your business over night. SEO can put your business before many additional clients who are hunting down your administrations every single month.

To round it all up

Owning a little business is never simple, you have consistent battles from overseeing staff to taking care of clients. Getting additional clients every month shouldn’t be an issue with the right promoting system. With the tips above you ought to now comprehend what you need to do to begin getting additional clients today. Good fortunes.


5 easy ways to improve your web design

If you want to improve conversion rates on your website, provide a better user experience or just want a great looking site then you should read the following post as i will give you 5 amazing tips that will help improve your web design.

1 Design in shades of grey and then add colour, by doing so you will be able to create a more interesting site. Adding different shades of grey adds depth to your designs.  i often use different shades to give my website designs the depth that they need.

2. A good logo is always needed, a website can look so different when you change a shoddy looking logo to a professionally designed logo.  a good quality logo can cost a lot but in my opinion every business needs a good logo as its their identity who wants a logo that looks shoddy and poor?

3. white space is your friend.  get rid of clutter, and maximise spacing, this allows your user to see what is important while ignoring what isn’t.  Clutter just confuses your user and because of this you shouldn’t clutter your web designs.

4. Simplify Navigation:  too many links once again add to your websites clutter, get rid of them and you will allow your user to have a better user experience.

5. make your text easy to read, make it big enough and legible.  There is nothing worse than a website that makes it hard to read the content on.  I often click the back button if a websites text is terrible.


The above 5 tips are a great way to improve your website design.  If your looking for more tips then you could read the following articles:

Web Design

User Experience

Responsive Design

What is UX and what you need to know

The consumer interface can be defined as the way in which an individual can interacts with the product while user experience is how the user feels while they are using the gadget. So you can say that though these two are extremely different things, yet they must both be in sync so that the user feels great about the item. Sometimes, the user experience weighs over the user interface because if the consumer experience is not up to the mark, then the time invested in creating the user interface is a total waste. Responsive web design helps increase user interactivity.

User experience helps build something appropriate

At the end, it’s all about the customer response and suggestions, consequently , one must make sure that they design the user interface in a manner that the users find the device user friendly and easy to maintain. If the user interface or the UX is designed in a complicated manner, then the user might find himself caught in a reliant or a horrible situation, obviously, users would not like to pay for those products that could make their life difficult. So, the customer needs should be kept in mind at all times.

Important to consider a few points for effective user experience

User user interface and user experience creating might come across as the same thing, but there are certain things that will make them very different from one another. At times, the beginners who might have just started with their design career might find it difficult to understand the difference but the next points might prove to be helpful in understanding the difference and also apply them well.

1. Research is mandatory- while one may feel that the user will adapt to the changes made in gadgets, but the underlying truth is that research about the consumer trends and choices are extremely important. One must bring out the research to make certain and they must be able to design something that would be in line with the customer’s taste and preference. When the creation is not as per the majority of the consumers, then all the hard work might do to waste as people do not need to change or adjust different choices. Responsive web design must be done.

2 . not The simpler the better- in today’s time, we all believe that the more complicated something looks, that might in turn be in touch with technology. It is not true when it comes to user experience, a good user experience is the one which is simple and is also attractive to the eye. In case way too many things are made to noticeable on the screen at one time, then it only rather piteuxs the consumer. So, the mantra is to keep it simple so that it soothes the eye.

3. UX usability test proves to be helpful- one might be confident about the design they have created, but that should not only be it all, it is important to carry out the usability test to be certain. Also, if there are some projected errors, one can certainly fix it before launch. On the turn side, it is very challenging to change anything after the customers have shaped a notion about it. So one should always take such precautionary steps.

4. Take professional help- hire a UX designer who would be able to get your job done efficiently. These creative designers have enough knowledge and can prove to be of great help. These designers good at their work and no person else who could possible do the same job quicker than them.

How to choose a web developer for your business


Choosing a website developer is tough for anyone simply because there are so many businesses out there that promote web design and development services.  Its hard for a small business owner to know who is good, who isn’t and sometimes who is a complete con man/woman.

some web design agencies sell themes and pretend they are delivering a bespoke solution.  well in my opinion thats borderline criminal.  some website design agencies will charge less than $200 bucks and deliver a site that looks like it was made 10 years ago.  And then you get the free website builders.  You can set up a free website by dragging and dropping items on to your screen.  so what should you do?

Free website builders?

In my opinion are complete junk.  they are getting better, there is no doubt about that.  but lets say everyone uses a free website builder.  there are a few hundred designs to pick from, whats the chances your website is going to look much different from your competitors? il tell you, not high at all.

if you got no budget then you could use one, but honestly. if you don’t have a budget for your most important sales tool then you should take a real hard look at your business.

Cheap web development firms

Should you go for a cheap website agency that makes old looking designs that are not responsive? in my opinion of course not.  you would just be wasting your money, and you will even damage your own brand.  who wants to be seen as untrustworthy?

The solution?

Shop around.  By looking around you can see what is available.  Take a look at the web design agencies past work, what their clients say about them.  by doing so you are giving your self a chance at picking the right agency for your website.

The Plug

😉 Of course, i’m going to plug my own agency.  i believe we do brilliant work, and our customers love what we do.  we get results and that makes everyone happy.  our company web design wales offers website design and seo services to local welsh business but also worldwide company.  we also have started to offer web design pontypridd services to businesses in the ponty area of wales.

if you would like to discuss a project with us please get in touch, we would love to hear from you.


How to be a web developer

my route to become a developer is probably a lot different from everyone else.  i became a developer on accident.  this is my story.

i needed money to pay my bills while in college.  No one would give me a job, so i had to do something or end up homeless or in jail for not paying the bills! so i began by designing logos online.  these were small logos worth 10 to 20 bucks a time.  nothing great, but my clients loved them.

the job board i was on showed the main developers earning bank, and i mean real money.  i had to get into that.  so i started learning development from any where i could.  youtube was a personal favorite.  and after many months of learning i could finally build a static site with html and css.

from there i went to study software engineering in university and eventually i was hired by a marketing agency straight out of uni.  a year and half later i decided to launch my own marketing agency, and now i have some well respected clients that love the work i produce.

so i would say to anyone that is interested in becoming a developer, learn from anywhere and everywhere.  it will be frustrating on times but it will be worth it.  i love my job even though i sort of fell into it accidentally.

one last thing, if you want to be a web developer, just potch around.  make things, break things and keep messing around.  try new languages, try new things.  freelance, contact local business.  build your friends parents small website.  just get experience.

good luck!